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You can find Norwegian forest cats of Pré du Walhalla on Facebook : see our Facebook page and please do not hesitate to share your interest in our breeding program by clicking on the "Like" button of this page as this one : Facebook button.

Breed clubs

Link to

Link to AID Skogkatt

Link to le Club du Chat des Forêts Norvégiennes

Link to the Danish Club

Other feline organizations

Link to Fédération Internationale Féline

Link to Fédération Féline Française

Link to  Livre Officiel des Origines Félines


French Database

Pawpeds, Swedish database

Shaggytail, Danish Database


In France

Durandal (Breeders of Tabatha)

Aldaryn (Owner of Amaryllis)

Domaine du Riez (Breeders of Bragi)

Bois de la Chartreuse

Ghilde des Elfes

En Allemagne

Av Fager (Breeders of Wilma)

En Pologne

Agpamis (Breeders of Ofelia)

En Suisse

Of Simchat (Breeder of Kamille)

Haakona (Owner of Vanille and breeder of Nazca)

En Espagne

Bosque Aragon (Owners of Vesta)

And, ...

Link to : la vérité sur les trafics d'animaux

Article about early sterilization

Link to One Voice

Link to

EntreChats : a favorite site

Breeders-cats : a general site

Link to Canicrok

Link to l'Asenack

Échange de bannières

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